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Grow Groups

Sunday Morning Grow Groups (Bible Study Groups) from 9 to 9:45am:

  • The Parent Class—for Parents of Students from Birth to College.

  • The Love God, Love People Class (L.G.L.P. Class)—mixed group of adults with kids in college and up.

  • Early Career Class—for College Students and those early in a Career.

  • Agape Class—mixed group of older couples and singles. 

  • Truth Seekers—mixed group of older couples and singles.

  • Shepherd’s Cove—Women only.

  • Women of the Word—Women only.

  • Otis Brady Class—Men only.

  • Ruth Ann Tucker Class—Women only.

  • Youth Class—6th-12th Grade small group.

  • Children’s Classes—Bed babies-5th Grade are separated by age or grade.


These groups are forever growing and changing.  As the body grows classes shift and change as well.  We encourage and pray that people within these groups will naturally form Life Groups outside the typical 9 to 9:45am hour on Sunday mornings.  We can help facilitate, provide curriculum, or give advice on how to start your own life group outside these hours. 

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