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Leadership Resources 


Here is a list of helpful links, articles, books, and other resources for you as a leader. 

YouTube Small Group Leader Resource 


Below, is a link to my youtube channel for small group lesson overviews for the coming weeks lesson. Teaching ideas and material will be discussed so that you feel comfortable as the group leader. Please click on the button below to check out this webpage.

Source For Youth Ministry 


A link for helpful articles, activities, media reviews, slang dictionary, skits, and other ideas. Please click on the button below to check out this webpage.

Spiritual Orphans  


Some of the students we get the honor to minister to do not come from homes where they are being built up in their spiritual walks with Jesus.  This short resource will give us as a ministry team some ideas of how to better minister to these students.  Please click on the button below to check out this resource. 

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