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Rites of Passage Experience

6th - 12th Grades

As the parent of a teenager, you invest a lot of time, money, and energy into academic and athletic training in your student’s middle and high school years. As a believer, you understand the importance of investing as much or more energy into their spiritual training; equipping them to become more like Christ as they cross over into adulthood. The Rites of Passage Experience is a strategic approach that helps parents acknowledge and celebrate key physical and spiritual growth stages with meaningful life-markers that their students will never forget.

Take 5 minutes to watch the Introductory Videos in the different grade level links below and then pray about how God wants you to lead them on the journey of a lifetime.

6th Grade
6th Grade - Preparation For Adolescence

Go on a 35-day relationship-building journey with your student! For a few minutes each evening, you and your student will open sealed envelopes with discussion questions that lead to important conversations about the changes that are happening in the life of the student. Let them know you’ll be with them through the teenage years.

6th Grade Why? How? What? Video
6tth Grade Preparation For Adolescence
7th Grade
7th Grade - The Blessing Ceremony

A powerful way to pass down your faith is through ceremonies and symbols. One of the greatest examples of this is the Jewish Bar Mitzvah/Bat Barakah ceremony: families create an important ceremony for their young teenager where parents, family, and friends offer the student a spiritual blessing.

7th Grade Why? How? What? Video
7th Grade The Blessing Ceremony
8th Grade
8th Grade - Purity Weekend Getaway

We live in a society that is saturated by an unhealthy view of sex. Unfortunately, out of fear and awkwardness, many parents shy away from addressing this topic with their student. In this Rite of Passage parents are equipped to take their young teenager away for a weekend of fun and conversations of how much their family values purity.

8th Grade Why? How? What? Video
8th Grade Purity Weekend Getaway
9th Grade
9th Grade - Driving Contract

Nothing will help your prayer life more than teaching your teenager how to drive. But this important transition is more than just getting a license to drive; it is the time that your student practices their faith in the midst of newfound freedom. This Rite of Passage is a transfer of trust that helps to set your young driver up for success.

9th Grade Why? How? What? Video
9th Grade Driving Contract
10th Grade
10th Grade - Money Matters

There are two kinds of parents in this world. First, there are the parents who were trained to manage money and be wise with it, and those who have had to learn the hard way. This Rite of Passage will help you introduce God’s plan for money management to your student through a fun game where they run a budget, pay bills, and learn about financial responsibility.

10th Grade Why? How? What? Video
10th Grade Money Matters
11th Grade
11th Grade - The Family Tree

This Rite of Passage will help your student understand their history so that they can be prepared for their future. By interviewing family members and listening to the good and the bad of their family they will learn where God has brought your family. Whether you pass down a family heirloom, finally share the family secret, or just simply connect them to their heritage, this can be a powerful time for your student to take an important step in their life journey.

11th Grade Why? How? What? Video
11th Grade The Family Tree
12th Grade
12th Grade - Manhood/Womanhood Ceremony

When do you become a man? When do you become a woman? Those questions drive this Rite of Passage. The truth is that our world is truly confused about when to bestow that title. It is the God given privilege of a parent to help their student accept and understand their identity as a man or woman of God. In this ceremony, you’ll gather a group of men and women who have been influential in the life of your student. Then, through a prepared ceremony, each person in the group will help to define what Biblical manhood/womanhood is as they bless your student into this new phase of adulthood.

12th Grade Why? How? What? Video
12th Grade Manhood/Womanhood Ceremony
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